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Device Name Model Region Version OS Version Build Date Changelist  
SM-A800S SM-A800S SKCN/a A800SKSU1CQK2 7.0 14.11.2017 12554836 Download
SM-A800S SM-A800S SKCN/a A800SKSU1CQJ1 7.0 12.10.2017 12404698 Download
SM-A800S SM-A800S SKCN/a A800SKSU1BQA2 6.0.1 20.01.2017 10453864 Download
SM-A800S SM-A800S SKC Korea (SK Telecom) A800SKSU1BPJ2 6.0.1 20.10.2016 9468772 Download
SM-A800S SM-A800S SKCKorea (SK Telecom) A800SKSU1BPG2 6.0.1 14.07.2016 8719021 Download
SM-A800S SM-A800S SKCN/a A800SKSU1APB1 5.1.1 02.02.2016 7132407 Download
SM-A800S SM-A800S SKCN/a A800SKSU1AOH1 5.1.1 27.08.2015 5692313 Download