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Device Name Model Region Version OS Version Build Date Changelist  
SM-A520K SM-A520K KTCKorea (KT Corporation) A520KKKU1BQJ1 7.0 27.10.2017 12482463 Download
SM-A520K SM-A520K KTCN/a A520KKKU1BQI1 7.0 18.09.2017 12266145 Download
SM-A520K SM-A520K KTCKorea (KT Corporation) A520KKKU1BQH2 7.0 01.08.2017 11999879 Download
SM-A520K SM-A520K KTCKorea (KT Corporation) A520KKKU1AQF1 6.0.1 16.06.2017 11649476 Download
SM-A520K SM-A520K KTCN/a A520KKKU1AQD1 6.0.1 14.04.2017 11193155 Download
SM-A520K SM-A520K KTCN/a A520KKKU1AQC1 6.0.1 13.03.2017 10905236 Download
SM-A520K SM-A520K KTCN/a A520KKKU1AQA1 6.0.1 30.12.2016 10225684 Download